fashion 4 development (F4D)

Fashion 4 Development (F4D) is a global awareness campaign that unites diplomacy, media, business and the creative industries in full support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDGs). We are an organization. We are a global platform.


We are partners in the universal investment in people and the planet.

Our mission, thus, is to harness the power of the fashion and beauty industries to implement creative strategies for sustainable economic growth and independence for communities worldwide.


The core principles that underlie our mission are to Educate, Empower, Enhance, and Enrich the lives of all those involved in its cooperative effort.


F4D’s vision includes the creation of holistic opportunities for sustainable economic growth and independence of disenfranchised peoples throughout the world through the tangible expression of fashion and beauty. By liaising with various individuals and bridging organizations, we aim to facilitate engagement of both thought and action.


Moreover, we anticipate galvanizing multi-stakeholder partnerships to further stimulate social entrepreneurship and to attrract national and foreign investments in the movement to create long-term relationships that improve the livelihood of societies at large and the longevity oft he planet, especially in developing nations.


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